On-Site Concrete Mixing: A Closer Look

Unlike traditional ready mix concrete, which is made at a central batch plant and then transported to the job site, our on-site mixed concrete is prepared right where it’s needed. This method ensures the concrete’s utmost freshness since the time between mixing and pouring is minimal. Plus, you only pay for the amount you use, avoiding the cost of excess concrete that often occurs with ready mix deliveries.

Here’s how our innovative on-site mixing system works:

  • Starting point: The process begins with the conveyor, which delivers sand and stone to the mixing bowl.
  • Adding cement: Next, cement is precisely delivered into the mix using a calibrated auger.
  • Water and additives: Water and any required chemical admixtures are then injected, ensuring consistent quality.
  • Mixing: With all ingredients in the mixing bowl, our high-powered auger combines them to create the perfect blend.
  • Final product: The result is exceptionally fresh concrete — just 15 seconds old!
  • Capacity: Our mobile batch plants on wheels can produce up to 10 yards of concrete directly on-site.

This system not only provides superior concrete due to its freshness but also enhances the overall efficiency and sustainability of construction projects by reducing waste and transportation costs.