Custom Concrete Solutions with Volumetric Mixers

Rocket’s concrete service is based on the principle that you don’t need to be a large contractor to get concrete in a reasonable time and at reasonable amounts. We are dedicated to providing our customers, residential homeowners and contractors alike, with a quality product and quality service at a competitive price, six days a week.

Your Mix

Customize your slump “on-the-fly” from wet to dry, from 3000 psi to 4000 psi, including Class C and CDF. You can also add or remove admixtures as needed. We offer mix additives that include fiber and calcium.

Your Amount

Never over-order again and avoid paying for wasted concrete. All concrete is mixed fresh on-site as needed, with minimal to no waste. If you need more, we’ll mix more. Multiple trucks and/or trips are not a problem.

Concrete is sold by the cubic yard and is available for delivery.

Your Savings

The concrete is metered out of the chute, so you are only charged for exactly what you use, not just for what you ordered. The concrete is mixed fresh on-site, eliminating hot loads!

How It Works

Our concrete truck is a batch plant on wheels, carrying all the materials needed to produce concrete. The mixer is calibrated according to each customer’s specifications, and dumps the required amount of rock and sand onto a conveyor belt that brings it to the back of the truck where water and cement are added to a mixing auger. This auger feeds and mixes the concrete to the top, where it is then discharged through the chute directly into the work area. The driver can add fiber-mesh, calcium accelerator, and air mixtures to meet your specifications while mixing on-site. Give us a try on your next pour, and you’ll see why you’ll never want to go back.

Concrete Extras

To provide the best possible material for the job, we offer fiber and calcium in 1% and 2% additives to improve concrete strength.